Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Makes Strange Picks, Then Pat Realizes Why (Video) It was because…

January 19, 2017 - By George T. White

A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant surprised the host and viewers alike with some strange letter choices during the final puzzle of a recent show.

But it wasn’t long before host Pat Sajack figured out what veteran Nura Fountano was trying to do, KTVI reported.
Fountano had been successful in the previous rounds and held a lead. She then made some odd choices while trying to solve the puzzle “Following footprints.”

Fountano chose the letter Z.

“Say that again for me? Did you say ‘Z’?!” Sajack asked, according to IJR.

“As in Zulu. Z,” Fountano answered.

She went on to select “X” and also missed the opportunity to answer twice because she took too much time.

“You called some unusual letters in that round?” Sajack asked her afterwards.

“That’s what I saw,” she said in response.

Sajack was unconvinced.

“Well that was an unsatisfactory answer… but she’s not under oath,” he added, according to KTVI.

Some of those following the show on social media could not explain what was going on.

“Z? Then no letter? Then Q? Is Nura drunk?” asked one user, according to IJR.

“Why is this lady guessing Z, X and Q for this puzzle?” wondered another.

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