3 Women Line Up On An Elaborate Stage. Now Watch When SHE Fills The Last Empty Space

December 12, 2016 - By Clara W. Scott

When you think of the song “Amazing Grace,” what comes to your mind? This song is one that’s sure to elicit tears when performed right. There’s just the right mixture of faith, tranquility, passion, and love that goes into this song. It has the perfect strum on pretty much everyone’s heartstrings.

When Celtic Woman get their hands on this classic hymn, you know that it’s going to be good. Their voices are always so pure and classically trained, that when they sing harmonies together, it’s almost impossible to distinguish one singer from another.

This particular rendition of the hymn is extra special.

Starting with one lone bagpiper on the roof, a whole line of them eventually joins in. That’s when it’s Celtic Woman’s turn to take over the melody. One of them in a beautiful, shimmering ball gown starts by singing the first verse. But as the other three come in at their own parts? What beautiful harmonies!

All of these women are wonderful in their own unique way, but their voices together are incredible as one whole unit.

What a lovely performance this must have been to see live! Wouldn’t you like to see something like this firsthand? You just have to hear when the bagpipes come back in with the beautiful melody while these women sing stunning harmonies.

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