Rescuer Sits With A Cheetah In Distress ALL Night. In The Morning, She Looks Closer And Sees…

August 2, 2016 - By admin

Wildlife expert Elizke Gouws stayed up all night sitting beside Shadow, a very large and very powerful cheetah, who was in distress for several hours. But come morning? The friends and family of Camp Cheetah received a very special surprise: Shadow had given birth to four tiny cubs!

“It was quite a magical moment for me. It just bonds you with them,” says Gouws, all the while Shadow gently paws at her, and the healthy newborn cheetahs nurse. She’s clearly appreciative of the fact that she had company during the long labor.

Still, these little miracles aren’t out of danger yet. In order to successfully transition cheetahs born in captivity back into the wild, they need constant monitoring.

“We want them to be free,” says Gouws, who explains why they needed to separate the cubs from their birth mother early on in their rehabilitation. “Hopefully, these ones will have a fair chance in life to be where they’re supposed to be.”

For a real wild look at this arduous process, I’d recommend the video where a pregnant cheetah gives birth to five cubs.

And if you’re in the mood for cute, check out the tiny cheetahs snuggling up to their surrogate mom.

With a new family and a new life ahead of them, I’m excited to see these four fluffy faces grow up to be majestic cheetahs!

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