Mom Snaps A Photo Of Bruises On Her Ribcage—But Then Thousands Look Closer And See THIS…

August 1, 2016 - By admin

Claire Warner of the U.K. is a wife and mother of two young daughters. Up until recently, Claire considered herself a normal and healthy woman. After all, she had no reason to think otherwise.

But in June 2016, Claire’s friend happened to send her an online article about a woman who discovered she had breast cancer after spotting a dimple in her breast. This single article prompted Claire to examine herself — and lo and behold, she noticed a small shadowy dimple under her left breast. It was not a lump and was barely visible to the naked eye, but it was there. “Blink and you’d miss it,” she wrote on Facebook.

Claire immediately felt a sinking feeling. But since she didn’t feel a lump and wasn’t feeling sick, she hoped for the best.

After bravely sharing a photograph of her rare and little-known symptom of breast cancer, Claire’s story went viral. Then, her diagnosis came.

Scroll down to see the dimple and diagnosis below — doing so could literally save a life…

Claire Warner would not have noticed the slightly shadowed dimple in her left breast unless her friend had shown her an article about this lesser-known warning sign.

frau 1

Twitter / Claire Warner

To document her sudden and terrifying journey, Claire started a new Twitter handle called My Left Boob. It’s her ‘diary of finding a dimple.’

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Twitter / Claire Warner

Claire then received her official diagnosis: the dimple was a 14mm grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma. Cancer.

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Twitter / Claire Warner

By the time reality set in, Claire’s story was being shared across the globe. ‘Never thought my own left boob would go viral,’ she said.

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Twitter / Claire Warner

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