Grandma Puts Her Foot On His Leg, But Then You See What He’s Staring At… WHOA!

July 30, 2016 - By admin

Phyllis, the matriarch of the family, wasn’t always in love with the sea — but she certainly loved her late husband. “I married someone who was a sailor. It was either stay home or go sailing, so I learned to sail.”

In May of 2009, four girls from that family would immortalize their love of the ocean by getting matching anchor tattoos.

They just didn’t realize that their grandmother of all people would also want to get a tattoo when she saw the ink emblazoned on their skin.

“I’m not sure I knew tattoos existed,” Phyllis says, recalling the days in which young girls weren’t even allowed to wear makeup to school — let alone ink.

Grandmas are breaking down stereotypes all the time, like Elisa Costantini who just embarked on her cooking career at the age of 77. There were the flower girl grandmas, too, who completely schooled us on beauty and what it means to be of an older age.

This is more than just a video about an 80-year-old woman stepping into a tattoo parlor for the first time, though — it’s a journey that these ladies have embarked upon. They laugh with one another, support one another, and seem simply overjoyed just to be sharing the same space.

You’ll have to watch the whole video to see how Phyllis’ tattoo actually turns out, but it’s certainly nearly six minutes of pure, unadulterated love. What a wonderful family they have!

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