The Secrets of Men’s Body Language Revealed!

June 15, 2016 - By admin

Ever wonder what a guy is thinking? Don’t ask, you won’t get a truthful answer, check out his body language instead, you’ll learn everything!

Standing with folded arms

This is a self protective stance and means he is feeling insecure.

Standing with hands on hips

When a man stands like this he’s feeling sexy and confident!

Leaning towards you during conversation

This is good news, he’s really into you and what you have to say!

Standing with hands in pockets

This guy is hiding something! Can you work out what his secret is?

He touches his face

He knows there is no one more beautiful than him

He fidgets with his watch

Watch out, he’s nervous and building up to something. Will he ask you out on a date?

He’s yawning

He finds you incredibly boring

Crossed legs

You’re making him nervous, stop staring at him analyzing his body language.

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