Zoo Gives Away Polar Bear So She Won’t Be Alone Anymore

June 15, 2016 - By admin

When the Indianapolis Zoo decided to close down their inadequate polar bear enclosure, they had a tricky problem. What to do with Tundra, the 29 year old polar bear who has been at the zoo since 1988.

Tundra has spent her whole life in captivity so there is no way she’d survive in the wild, so release is out of the question.

Luckily a solution has been found. Detroit Zoo have offered to take her. It is the perfect solution, with large enclosures and pools with gentle slopes, it will be the ideal environment for a polar bear of advancing years.

Polar bears don’t take well to captivity, so it’s vitally important to create an environment that’s as natural and spacious as possible.

Detroit Zoo has the largest polar bear enclosure in the world. It covers four acres. Tundra will have some friends when she gets there this month as it is already home to Talini and Nuka, two eleven year old polar bears.

Talini was born in Detroit Zoo. Her mother was rescued from a circus. Nuka was brought to the zoo in 2011 as a mate for Talini.

Everyone thinks Tundra will be much happier in her new home when she moves there later this month.

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