Blind Dachshund And His Seeing-Eye Dog Dumped In A Backyard

June 15, 2016 - By admin

The story starts when someone dumps three dachshunds in a yard. The yard belonged to someone who had previously rescued dachshunds, but as he no longer did this, he took the three dogs to the Marion County Dog Services shelter.

One of the dogs soon found a new home, but there was going to be a problem with the other two as they simply could not be separated. The reason for this is that Herbie is blind and he totally relies on Hilda to be his eyes.

They just had to be homed together.

So it was decided that they would both be moved to a smaller rescue center, Salem’s Dogs to give them a better chance of being adopted.

The pair were neutered and microchipped and were all ready to find a new home. Luckily Dorothy and John Sinnar spotted an advert for Herbie and Hilda. They has recently lost their own elderly dachshund and just knew they could give a loving home to this pair.

It was love at first sight all round! Herbie and Hilda can now stay together forever and have a super life with their new mom and dad!

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