Emotional Intelligence Shines Through With These Habits…

June 15, 2016 - By admin

Someone who is emotionally intelligent has the ability to carefully manage their own emotions. This skill tends to make people highly successful both in their careers and their personal lives.

Here are some habits that are very common in emotionally intelligent people…

1. Positivity

They focus on solutions rather than problems. They try not to dwell on the bad things, instead they try to make things better and move forward.

2. Creating boundaries

From the outside they seem very easy going, but they are certainly no pushover, when someone pushes their clearly defined boundaries they will stick firm and not be moved.

3. They won’t hold a grudge

They don’t forget, but they don’t hold a grudge. They realize that this only harms their own mental well being. They will learn, then let it go.

4. They make life fun!

Emotionally intelligent people are firm believers in the phrase ‘you only live once’ and so will try to find fun in their lives as often as they can. They will also bring fun into the lives of others. They will always be on the look out for opportunities to make life more interesting.

5. They embrace change

They don’t fear change, they embrace it. They see change as an exciting opportunity and look forward with excitement at where the change may lead them.

6. They love to learn

Knowledge helps you to grow and so the emotionally intelligent person will always be seeking to enhance their skills, their education and learn new things.

7. They won’t have negative friends

These people like to surround themselves with positivity so they will soon distance themselves from negative people.

8. They’ll achieve a good balance in life

They’ll work hard but they’ll play hard. They’ll put energy into all aspects of their life without neglecting any. Both work and family will feel that they are being given a fair share of the attention.

9. They are very motivated

They don’t need others to drive them, their self motivation is all they need to get on in life.

10. They never take anything foregranted

They are always grateful for what they have and appreciate everything. Do them a good turn or be a great friend and they will never forget this.

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