This Piercing is Changing Lives. The Reason? Genius!

June 14, 2016 - By admin

We usually think of piercings as a fashion statement. It’s just jewelry right? Well for most of us this is usually the truth of the matter. We just get a piercing because we think it looks good, it helps us to express our individuality, but there’s an increase in people getting piercings in the hope that it will cure their pain.

It’s called daith piercing and it’s becoming very popular. There are a lot of success stories…

So what’s it all about? Well it’s based on the principles of acupuncture. It stimulates the nerve endings in the ear. This causes the body to release extra pain killing substances. It’s been shown to have an amazing effect on migraine sufferers, and a lot better for you than taking a lot of prescription painkillers all the time!

Plus it looks pretty cool too!

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