Do You Keep On Seeing 11:11? THIS is What it Means!

June 14, 2016 - By admin



This is actually a bit spooky. I just sat at my desk to write this article about this magical time 11:11 and I glanced at the clock on my desktop. Yes you guessed it… 11:11!

When you see the time 11:11 you’re supposed to make a wish. I actually forgot today as I was so taken aback!

It’s the only time of day when all four numbers are the same. The funny thing is, some people catch this time far more often than others. Are they special or is it pure coincidence?

The number 11 provides a link between the mortal and immortal world. That’s why, when your clock shows 11:11 it’s the best time to make your wishes, to send them through the portal to another realm.

Of course it could be chance. We see so many numbers every day, but only certain ones are memorable. 11:11 is one that stands out, so when you see it, you take notice.

We are predisposed to notice certain numbers. Perhaps your birth date. I know the last four digits of my debit card number are my date of birth. That’s complete coincidence, it’s a random set of digits, but I noticed this. I have never before taken notice of any other card number. Once you have your mind set on a number, it can feel like it crops up more and more, but you’re probably just paying more attention to that number than all the others you encounter on a daily basis.

Once you find a number that seems to crop up a lot, it takes on more significance for you. it becomes your lucky number and you subconsciously seek it out. Your mind is drawn to that number so you spot it all the time. It can see like a good omen if your job interview is at building number 14 when that’s your lucky number.

This synchronicity is ever present, you just have to be one of the special people who notices it!

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